What is Contractr?

Contractr is an online marketplace for professional contractors looking for the long and short term contracts. It allows them to search for jobs that are purely only contracts as well as create their online profile and resume for job advertisers to search.

Unlike traditional job hunting sites, Contractr will cater properly towards contractors. All roles that are placed on Contractr will be guaranteed to be proper contractor roles. I have found in the past when looking for contracting roles on job sites, often they aren't what they seem. Halfway during the hiring process they’ll turn around and let you know that it’s actually full time, or the rates that are advertise aren't really true.

Contractr allows contactors to create a basic profile, or for a small fee, a much more premium profile to advertise themselves with.

Contractr also allows companies to advertise their roles to all the contractors online, helping bring the two together in a much cheaper and more streamlined process.

Why was Contractr created?

Having been a contractor and looking for work, we understand the issues with applying for jobs and looking for work. We want to make it easier for my colleagues to get their next job. There is a growing market of contractors within Australia and globally.

This site will help make it easier for contractors to get their next role. We have also spoken to employers who often are looking for contractors and find it hard to find a good pool. This site will cater towards them as well.

Our Team

Mark Rosenberg

Mark has been working in IT for over 15 years, as a developer, through to a business analyst and now in management consulting. He has had a number of consulting jobs, as well as worked within the corporate world, and finally as a contractor, which gave him the idea for the site. Mark completed his MBA in 2011 and since then worked within the strategic and operations side of IT. His main area of expertise is IT Strategy and Management.

Adrian Glaubert

Adrian has been involved in sales for the past 5 years working for companies such as Leonda by the Yarra, Eat Now (recently sold for $855m), Yum Table and now working as the Regional Sales Manager for Quandoo, launching the Melbourne office. His main area is in corporate sales.